Heads Up for Windows Phone


Heads Up is a famous word-guessing game, first introduced by Ellen Degeneres on her show, where you hold up a card on your forehead without you seeing what’s being displayed and your partner then imitates, acts or give clues on that word to let you guess it correctly.

It’s really easy to play.

  • You can choose your favourite category among a lot of options like sports, celebrity,
    movies, country, animals and many others.
  • Once you choose the category, the words are randomly thrown on the screen.
  • A correct answer is marked by tilting your windows phone facedown.
  • A pass is marked when you tilt the device upwards (up over your head).


The game is designed and owned by AndPercent Inc. and developed by D3staz, the developers of a free mirror app “Mirror Age” on windows phone. Both these companies identified the void of Heads Up apps on windows phone and thus planned to bring this great game for the windows phone users. As of now, this is the only Heads Up app present on windows phone store. It is updated regularly be the developers and they have also promised to add a video recording feature in the app soon.

Disclaimer: This app is in NO WAY affiliated with the iPhone Heads Up! game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show or Hey Hey it’s Saturday Celebrity Head game.

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